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News & Events

NBP chief operating officer Asif A. Brohi,

who was the Chief Guest on the occasion Presented the Winners Trophies


Minister Of IT Mr.Raza Haroon

Giving a Gold medal to Mr. Saleem Kareem.


Mr. Agha Siraj Durrani

Giving a Souvcenir to Mr. Saleem Kareem.


Dreams come true

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Jahanziab Tiwana

Jahanzeb Tiwana was born 10 December 1985 in the city of Muzafargargh South Punjab. Pakistan from early child hood, He had developed major disability of my right leg which prevented him the use of his lower links in a natural manner. He intensely love the game of Cricket right from his child hood rather it is a craze for him and this craze enabled him to overcome his deformity which had hindered him to play Cricket and due to his sheer hard work, determination. Read more

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Farhan Saeed

Today we are introducing a unique Cricket fast bowler from Pakistan who runs with a scratch and bowl a normal fast bowling. No one can believe on him unless he cannot see him personally. It is only the Principle of seeing is believing. Farhan Saeed aged 29 years old from Korangi a part of Karachi having his polio effected left leg, has a very difficult life, he cannot study in a normal School or play with normal persons. Everybody always making fun of him. Read more

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Disability Cricket Videos